4th Grade Band and Chorus

At this time- the 4th graders will have groups known as the 'Beginning Boomer Band' . We are now preparing for the Wednesday, June 6 concert. Please mark your calendars!

**Below are the groups and kindly highlight the instrumental AND Boomer group your child now belongs to. Thank you!


PLEASE BE AWARE THAT: Whatever the last group that meets on any Friday 3 PM session, is now automatically the FIRST lesson taking place on the following Monday, as a new week of rotation begins! 

 I know this will take some getting used to, so please highlight your child’s group to visually see how things work. THANK YOU!

In need of GIFT IDEAS?  A metronome to keep time is ALWAYS helpful, in addition to: Clarinet and Sax Reeds sized 2 1/2 ; valve/slide oil;  neck straps; mutes (for trumpets!)

Excellent Site with info from the Music & Arts Company!   The link below shows how to assemble, care for, get tone production, etc. for each specific instrument. Click on the one that pertains to your child for assistance on "How-To's".