Red Ribbon Week 2016

Red Ribbon Week 2016

The Sharon School will be participating in a school-wide program called Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week has been observed in school communities across the United States for many years. This program gives students an opportunity to become aware of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Throughout the week of October 24 through October 28, positive messages will be shared in the form of small gifts, as well as school-wide theme days.
 For your planning purposes, below are the scheduled theme days:

Team Shirt Day  

Monday, October 24th– “Team up against drugs” - Wear a team shirt/clothing (Professional, college, high school, recreation, etc.)

food drive  

Tuesday, October 25th   – “Stay healthy, be drug free. Reach and out help your community.”   Please look at the grade level recommendations below. Donations will be given to a local food pantry. (1 item per student.) Please check expiration dates.

Pre-K - Box of Tissues

Kindergarten – Instant Potatoes, Rice or Pasta Side Dishes (boxed)

1st grade – Boxed Mac and Cheese, Pancake Mix, Cake Mix

2nd grade – Chef Boyardee, Strawberry or Grape Jelly(plastic only!), Boxed Snacks(Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks, etc)

3rd grade – Canned Tuna Fish, Canned Fruit, Coffee

4th grade – Canned Vegetables, Juice Boxes, Tea Bags


Wednesday, October 26th –  “Sock it to Drugs” - Wear silly socks.

Don't Get Tied Up on Drugs  

Thursday, October 27th   – Don't Get Tied Up On Drugs.  ‚ÄčWear neckties, hair ties, tie dye shirts or just tie your shoes.

red day

Friday, October 28th - 
“Red Day” – Wear red clothing. 

 Red Ribbon Week Pledge:

To help make my community safer, I pledge:

To live a drug-free life,

To help my friends make good healthy choices

To solve my disagreements without violence

To think about ways to keep my school safe and talk to my teachers, parents, and friends about them.